Written by G. T. Hushion. Posted in Articles

Lets go over the 4 pocket roulette wheel.

The 4 pocket wheel is both the perfect theoretical model for geometric probability ...and the worst practical model. By the proof of the original Needle, the average distance between one random measurement and the next is 1/4 of the distance around the wheel or "game" or field. It is only an algebraic average, but it is universal. With a random release of the ball, this makes a 4 pocket wheel the ideal model to explain geometric probability. Each pocket is a Cardinal pole with 90 degrees of arc.

On the other hand, geometric probability is intrinsically a factor of so many degrees of arc. Specifically, the relative pi-angle pole ("spin up" in Quantum theory) is only found with "action at a distance" ...and has 60 degrees of arc.

If a roulette wheel had 100 pockets, each Cardinal pole would be 25 pockets. If "action at a distance" is used the geometric probability of a relative pi-angle pole could be found by predicting or by betting the 16 pockets that comprise the relative pi-angle pole of a 100 pocket wheel. That is, predicting an random occurrence will occur within an arc of .16666 of the wheel or circle or game or field.

That is not possible with a 4 pocket wheel. It is also not possible to bet only .16666 of a pocket that itself consists of .25 percent of the wheel. Another way to look at it is that the frets of a 4 pocket wheel force a ball back into a Cardinal pocket when in fact the ball's natural force and momentum would have taken it into the next Cardinal pole.

With 100 pockets, it doesn't really matter if a fret stops a ball's forward momentum so that it falls back into the last pocket. The pi-angle pole itself has 16 pockets any one of which delivers the flat bet advantage.

With 4 pockets, it very much matters.

The relative pi-angle pole is the opposite pocket where the ball naturally landed last. With a 4 pocket wheel, the ball has no opportunity to come to a natural rest by the difference between 90 degrees and 60 degrees of arc. The pi-angle pole simply cannot be predicted as a "pocket" of 60 degrees of arc, when the 60 degrees of arc is swallowed up by the 90 degrees of arc of a Cardinal pole of a 4 pocket wheel.

These differences are critical in visualizing the geometric truth to be found with "action at a distance."